About Our Shop



Freaky Wallet is a local company in Venice California that makes hand made duct tape wallets. Whether you are looking for a simple and plain duct tape wallet, or you are looking for the best and coolest duct tape wallets, you are at the right place. Making quality and durable wallets out of duct tape for over a year. Well known from youtube for crazy designs and the best wallets. Located out of Venice Beach California. Feel free to browse around and check out our awesome wallets.


After several years of going through wallet after wallet, creator Alex Grimmer decided to make his own unique version of a duct tape wallet. Using paint splatter duct tape, his first creation was born. After months of perfecting the design and making it appealing to everybody, Freaky Wallet was born. Seeing how much of a demand there was, Alex started selling in the famous Venice Beach Boardwalk. 3 years later and still going, Frekay Wallet has progressefully been growing bigger and bigger. Thanks to all the supporters and fans, we hope to bring the best products to you.

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